There is an old saying in the newspaper business: Every person has a story. I learned this working at small community newspapers, where I specialized in writing stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, capturing their triumphs and tribulations. From the pain of losing a family member in a fatal car wreck to the embarrassment of admitting they needed financial help from strangers, they entrusted me to “put their business out there” with tact, sensitivity and accuracy. It was a great privilege to be welcomed into people’s homes and hearts, and one of the most rewarding aspects of being a feature writer.

We all long for genuine human connections and those connections are bound by love. We all retell stories among family, friends and extended relatives, but how often are those stories recorded so future generations can also enjoy them?

People spend thousands on their wedding, yet overlook the fact many people don’t know how they met and fell in love. A couple married 50 years surely has advice and wisdom to share, not to mention a beautiful love story. Sadly, we continue to lose an entire generation of war veterans who take their service and war stories to the grave. Or how about the details of your family’s legacy – tales of immigrating to America, starting a family business, or vacationing at the same lake cottage for decades?

I would be honored to weave your words into a Memory Capture so it can be shared, celebrated, and cherished in perpetuity. Each story is crafted with care as a gift of love for both you and your family to share with future generations and record the memorable moments of your life. It’s your story and I aim to please!


  • Love stories, engagements, weddings
  • Anniversaries and anniversary parties
  • Pregnancy, births and baby stories
  • Birthdays – celebrate life at any age
  • Military service, war tours, awards and medals
  • Memorable events: Sports, awards and other accomplishments
  • Family histories, genealogy, immigration to America
  • Family businesses, community service, philanthropy
  • Family sayings, recipes and wisdom
  • Memorial stories, extended obituaries
  • Customized projects with endless possibilities

Ways to use, share, and display your story:

  • Wedding, personal and business Web sites
  • Design into a program book for your wedding
  • Place on tables at your reception for a conversation piece and keepsake
  • Share at anniversary and birthday parties, family reunions
  • Calligraphy and frame with your wedding or family photo
  • Feature in the front of baby books or wedding albums
  • Menus, business brochures and other marketing materials
  • Personalized scrapbooks with photos
  • Complete bound books

Let’s get started! Please contact me regarding specifics, pricing, questions or to schedule an in-person consultation or phone interview.