I could always count on Marla to deliver interesting and accurate feature articles for Grand Rapids Magazine. Not only is she a great storyteller, Marla also completes assignments on time. — Marty Primeau, former managing editor, Grand Rapids Magazine

Marla was one of my graduate students in PA-660, Philanthropy & The Nonprofit Sector: History & Ethics and PA-661, Nonprofit Management. She was an outstanding student who demonstrated critical thinking skills, the ability to analyze case studies, the ability to synthesize various concepts learned in class and use them to support her recommendations, and she had solid communication skills. I would also add that she is a pleasant, personable person who works very well with others and is not afraid to step up and take a leadership role. — Salvatore Alaimo, PhD, associate professor, School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration, Grand Valley State University

I first met Marla Miller in 2005, as the entertainment and features writer for the Muskegon Chronicle. She was professional and courteous, and her passion for reporting was apparent. Her writing on our programming and exhibitions was accurate and accessible, and I have enjoyed working with her over the years. Having a talented writer that is passionate about covering the arts in our area has been rare, so Marla has been a welcome presence in our community. — Art Martin, senior curator, Muskegon Museum of Art

Working with Marla has been a great pleasure. She understands my needs and exceeds my expectations paying attention to details and making deadlines. She has made the process seamless through using electronic media. In all, Marla is an asset to West Michigan PLUS. — Mark Williamson, publisher, West Michigan PLUS

Marla and I worked together at the Muskegon Chronicle for quite a few years, where I was a photojournalist and she was a reporter. We worked in tandem to tell a story visually and in word. What I always respected about Marla’s style of reporting was her ability to calm people with her sunny disposition and listening ear. She has a natural curiosity about life and is genuinely interested in the subjects she interviews creating an open dialogue. Her writing goes beyond facts, but rather delves into the personal side of a story. — Kendra Stanley-Mills, photographer, Kendra Stanley-Mills Photography, LLC

From the moment I received a call from Marla, I knew she was going to be a pleasure to work with. She had high energy and a thirst for knowledge. She was flexible in her timing in meeting with our experts. She asked detailed questions and made sure she had clarification on any details prior to writing. The pieces themselves turned out marvelous and were very educational for the general public. You can tell that Marla has a passion for writing. I look forward to working with her on additional pieces in the future should the topics be appropriate. — Kristen Gerlach, PR/media contact

I really received a lot of very positive feedback from all over. If you ever need anything else please let me know. Marla really did a great job with the whole story!!!!! — Mark Martin, professional fisherman/promoter and Fresh Water Fishing Hall Of Fame Angler

Marla is a content machine and an eloquent writer, period. Beyond that, she’s also a phenomenal person and someone that truly cares about the companies that she works with. Thanks, Marla, for all that you do!  — Josh Marsden, MBA, owner, ICE Accelerate Marketing Automation Services